Welcome!  This is the Practical Initiatives Network www.practicalinitiatives.org PIN Blog & We Want You to Contribute!

If you follow Practical Initiatives Network (PIN), you know we wholeheartedly believe development works better when we work together. Being a free, open, worldwide online platform means we aren’t tied to any one location – we exist wherever you are – and we’ve discovered that this fact alone makes for better collaboration.

Since our website launch, we’ve been regularly inspired by people from all over the world who have openly shared their fantastic initiative successes, ‘failures’ and lessons learned. Over 100 global development organisations have PINned their initiatives to the map and we look forward to welcoming even more.

While our website’s database of initiatives is the foundation of PIN’s work, we’ve seen our network flourish across our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feeds where we’ve featured initiatives and discussed development with an even wider audience. Social Media has helped us expand our network and we envision the PIN blog as the next phase of our online venture in knowledge sharing.

More about the PIN Blog

Much like our website, the PIN blog is a collaborative, inclusive, and ultimately crowd-sourced project. Just as we invite development organisations to PIN their initiatives to the www.practicalinitiatives.org map, we hope you’ll share your insights, experiences, and information here, as we do with our own posts.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, send us an email at practicalinitiatives@gmail.com with a brief outline of your post. We’re also keen to interview development organisations by video, audio or email so please get in touch if you’d like to be featured.

The Internet may be a noisy place, but the work development organisations do is too important to lose out there in the crowd. It is our hope that this blog, as an extension of PIN itself, will be a place where likeminded people can make unlikely connections.

Development works better together, and we look forward to working with you.

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