What I learned from… starting an international volunteering website.

A guest post by Yerima Medugu, @UnifiedUnited, of Unified and United.

Unified and United is an organization and website that aims to help people get more involved in their communities. When I started, I revolved it around volunteerism, micro-volunteering and universal community engagement. During the creation of Unified and United, I have learned to better manage the stages of construction and organization over time.

From when I began, the ideas, the brainstorming and the research, was like a giant cloud filled with information and ideas that were scattered everywhere and needed to be organized to make it lift up off the ground. Over time, the process of drafting what was to be included, how people would get involved in their communities and the execution of what everyone could be able to do came together well on Unified and United.

During the early stages, I had been reaching out and communicating with several other organizations to ask for advice and questions. It really helped me out and it started to show results. What I have been engaged in is creating it to be easy and accessible to everyone and especially those in rural or remote areas.

The focus throughout has been on how the delivery and effectiveness will be when people want to access content like volunteer ideas and resources universally in a very practical and helpful way. An upcoming free application will help greatly with this delivery.

Yerima Medugu 2Some advice for starting an organization is to do thorough research, brainstorm like crazy, organize and revolve the idea around friends and family to see how practical you can make it. With good feedback from contributors and some reviews, which have been good and filled with constructive criticism, Unified and United is with great success.

For you it is also possible to do the same to attain a healthy organization. Right now on the desktop or mobile site, you can find several global issues such as hunger and the environment that are connected to volunteerism and ways that everyone can get involved and take action in their communities.

You can read more about Unified and Unified on PIN.


Yerima Medugu is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in public administration and has been forming Unified and United with the help of his classmate Chuks Chukaorah. You can contact Yerima via Twitter, Facebook, or email him at: unifiedandunited@gmail.com

To contribute to the “What I learned from…” PIN Blog Series, just send 3-500 words to us at practicalinitiatives@gmail.com, include a photograph of yourself, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, send us a topical photo you’ve taken. Include any useful links and we’ll get back to you. You can read more about the series here: Call for Contributions!


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