Call for Contributions to the “What I learned from…” PIN Blog Series!

by Alice Jowett, @alicejowett, PIN Founder.

At PIN, we believe that “Development works better together.” We can’t say it enough. It’s our motto, our approach to work, and the whole reason for starting the network.

We’ve learned a lot from the development organisations who have shared their successes, failures, and lessons learned on our website, but we’ve yet to capture the stories and experiences of individuals working, or with a particular interest in, global development.

That’s why we’re starting a new blog series: “What I learned from…”

We want you to share your experiences, what you learned from them, and any tips, advice or learning you’d pass on to others. Your post might discuss your work or volunteering experience, but it could also describe what you’ve learned from attending a particular event, conference, or from a particularly influential person.

WhatILearnedFrom1This invitation is open to all, as long as there’s a global development focus.

To contribute just send 3-500 words to us at, include a photograph of yourself, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, send us a topical photo you’ve taken. Include any useful links (including to your own blog if you’d like), and we’ll get back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to sharing your experiences!


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